The following is an outline of the major steps involved in our process. This overview is provided so that you know what to expect starting with our first contact. More detail will come as you get to know us and is documented in our homeowner packet that you’ll receive to keep when your project begins.


Step1 – Plan development (medium to larger projects)

Once you have entered a design agreement, your designer will work with you in transforming your ideas and dreams into reality. Typically, this will take a few meetings and or some collaboration over the phone or on the internet. We’ll discuss your requirements and budget up front and then develop project plans that will meet your needs and your budget.

Step 2 – Specifications

Once we have preliminary plans, we’ll develop a specification list with you that summarizes what materials are to be used. For example: siding, roofing, window brand and type, interior wall and ceiling finishes, what types of flooring, bath fixtures, cabinets and the like.

Step 3 – Pricing

We will price your project according to the preliminary plans and specifications list. We’ll then present a formal proposal for your review, which includes plans, contract and any addenda. We’ll sit down together and go over everything so that we both have a clear picture of the proposed project. This sometimes takes a couple of meetings if either the plan or contract, need to be changed.

Step 4 – Contract signing

Once plans and contract have been signed by both parties, we will schedule your pre-construction meeting.


Step 5 – Pre-construction meeting

In our experience, this is meeting is one of the most important events that produce successful projects and delighted customers. It sets up the communication systems and expectations for the project and introduces important parties to each other and the project. Attending this meeting are members of our production staff, primary sub-contractors and or material suppliers, your design consultant and you. The plans, contract, and all other pertinent information are reviewed to ensure that everyone involved sees the project picture clearly before we begin.

You will receive a wealth of information in your homeowner manual at this meeting and we’ll fill out a form together that states your desires for job site management. For example, we’ll designate areas for material storage, waste containers and workman parking. We’ll also go through acceptable work hours, material recycling, alarm systems, when future meetings are likely to happen along with other scheduling details. This meeting is designed to get everyone on the same page, call out possible challenges to be solved early on, and is very beneficial to the success of the project and everyone involved.


2006-01-25 009Step 6 – Production

Our goal is to give you a great experience during your project. Our systems are set up so that all involved understand the project well before it begins and know where to go for solutions if something unexpected arises.

You can be as involved or uninvolved in your project as you are comfortable with. We are happy to communicate by phone, fax, US mail, e-mail and of course, If you are in the area, you are always welcome to stop by our office. We also encourage you to use our website to get updates and current information on your project. We will typically have a walk through after the structure is water tight and lockable just before installation of electrical and mechanical systems. During this meeting we’ll answer additional questions, take another look at project objectives and make any selections that still need to be made. Then, just before project completion, we will walk through once more to make sure that nothing is missed.

Step 7 – Closing

When all is done you will receive a customer feedback memo, final statement for your records, waiver of lien and an authenticated certificate of warrantee.

We will check in with you at three and six months after completion to ensure that you are completely satisfied with everything. We make great efforts to consistently achieve one of our highest company goals, which is to maintain long- term relationships with all of our customers.