About Us

Our experience indicates a well-informed customer enjoys a more positive construction experience because of the fact that they started out by making educated choices. The following information is intended to provide you with distinct and compelling reasons why we feel that we offer many competitive advantages as compared to other builders in the area.

Why Us?

Design/Build – A better way

Tice projects are all custom designed and built with careful attention to our clients desires. There are major advantages to using a design/build company for your project. We feel so strongly about these advantages that we have devoted an entire section of our website to explain them in detail.

Communication – Effective & efficient

This is an area that you should look at very carefully when considering a builder. Industry surveys have reported for years that client communication is the most important factor in the construction process when it comes to a successful client/builder relationship. Our clients are busy, professional people who, often live & work long distances from their construction project. We specialize in long distance building relationships and the challenges they present. We have proven business systems that ensure quality service at all levels.

We have systems in place to facilitate things that will be important to you before during and after your project. Our systems include but are not limited to some of the following items.

  • Design process
  • WL - front3Pricing process
  • Scheduling
  • Viewing pictures of your project as it progresses
  • Project plan collaboration
  • Project status
  • Change order tracking
  • Client selections
  • Project completion documents
  • Warrantee information
  • Client feedback
  • End of project punch-list tracking
  • Warrantee claims

If you desire it, you will be able monitor progress on your project from hours away, daily, as a result of the helpful systems we have developed over the years in working with our clients from a distance.

Prestart details – Your job information resource

Effective communication includes clearly defined systems and procedures that clarify all aspects of your project upfront. We have a policies and procedures manual in our office to cover every eventuality and it is summarized for you in our pre-start details form which you will receive at the pre-construction meeting which happens just prior to the start of your project. Also at the pre-construction meeting you will receive our selections packet that gives you showroom and contact information you will need to set up appointments to make selections. This packet gives details like, e-mail addresses, cell phones and pagers for all of our staff and trade partners, it also gives details about what to expect as construction progresses, where to make selections, where to go with questions that arise and an array of other helpful details. It is designed to anticipate your needs and serve as a guide during your project.

On Site Assessment – An important step before design

We perform an onsite assessment for our clients, which is an important analysis that should always occur before design and is often skipped by many builders who offer design. This assessment involves a comprehensive review of both the site and existing structures. We will address all related issues and expenses so that we can make recommendations regarding style, orientation, and the investment value of the neighborhood.

Warranty – In Wisconsin an unwritten warrantee is no warrantee

In Wisconsin there are no statutory warrantees in construction like there are in surrounding states. Most states mandate that contractors provide a year on all materials and workmanship with 2 years on mechanicals and 10 years or more on major structural problems. Many local construction companies say they offer a warrantee but don’t provide it in writing which is essentially the same as having no warrantee at all in Wisconsin. Our warrantee is specific, pre-printed and available to you, so that you know what to expect from us after completion. We have specific periods to check back with you for warranty issues and you will receive a signed certificate of warrantee at project completion.

Brands, Specifications & Methods

Quality Materials – Highest standards

2006-01-25 006We use only the highest quality materials from reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the building of your project. We select these manufacturers and suppliers as much for their support staff and warrantee programs as for the beauty and functionality of their products. You can be assured that they will be around for years to come to warrantee and service their products because they are solid industry leaders with proven product track records. Companies like Marvin Windows, Anderson Windows, Truss Joist International engineered lumber, GAF roofing products, Kohler and Moen Plumbing products, James Hardie, Certainteed and LP Smartside siding products.

It is only through years of experience, knowledge of product performance and yes, some past trial and error that we have arrived at our recommended specifications. We do not take this area lightly. We are fully aware that our buyers depend on our ability to keep up with current technology and to make cost effective selection of materials while maintaining integrity and quality.

For example, In the area of energy efficiency, once a certain percentage efficiency in performance of wall and ceiling insulation has been achieved, the next best dollar spent to improve thermal efficiency is not added insulation, but to control air infiltration. This is accomplished by the use of barriers such as Tyvek, and vapor barriers and the installation of the highest quality windows and doors available.

Another area that we feel has seen significant changes recently is engineered lumber. In the last few years, increasing costs of the traditionally used Hemlock or Fir floor joists, stair stringers and the like have forced lumber yards to substitute softer, less consistent, wood products to builders trying to hold or reduce costs no matter the consequences. Truss Joist International and others have produced several new cost effective materials, which we feel are well worth the marginal additional cost. To the extent that we think they work better than materials used in the past, we use them on all of our new homes, additions and remodeling projects because we feel it is in our client’s best interest and frankly, it reduces callbacks for us. As an example, engineered floor joists and floor trusses help eliminate problems such as floor squeaks and “rolling” which occur during the drying process with standard floor joists and cause many problems with all types of floor finishes. These are problems that will not surface until months after you have moved in. Far less squeaks can be heard from engineered stair stringers even after years of use. While, many builders moved to Oriented Strand Board or "ox board" years ago for sub flooring because it is cheaper, we feel that with sub-floors, ¾" tongue and groove, glued plywood sub-floor or “Gold” level OSB are considerably more stable than standard OSB sub-floor that is most commonly used. There are many more areas of importance when considering material recommendations and construction methods. These areas will be covered in detail before construction begins.