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DSC03410At Tice Construction our staff is committed to your complete satisfaction. Our business relationship with our customers does not stop with our professional service and design expertise. It doesn’t end with meeting deadlines and delivering quality projects. It is only when all of these elements are brought together and your expectations have been exceeded that our job is complete.

Welcome to the frequently asked questions area of our web site. We use this area to answer questions that our customers have in common. Most are construction related but some are not. In an effort to be full service to all of our customers we will try to address additional issues here which do not fit neatly into the other categories of the website.


Zoning requirements in Burnett, Barron, Douglas and Washburn counties are extensive and strictly enforced. Requirements like lakeshore, side yard and rear yard setbacks, placement of outbuildings, well and septic either new or existing can stop a project cold before it starts. There are also regulations governing driveways, foliage removal and movement of soils. There are also judgments to be made with regard to the location of high water mark in relation to new and existing buildings.

Rather than try to summarize the detailed zoning laws here, we are providing links to the code areas of our surrounding counties zoning web sites to give you an idea what zoning will and will not allow you to do with regards to your proposed project.

We have listed names and phone numbers of the head zoning officials for each county here for your reference. These people are the final authority with zoning enforcement and are there to answer your questions on zoning requirements and are normally very helpful. We also have a thorough knowledge of all zoning requirements for both counties and would be happy to discuss them with you.

Phone Number

Washburn County Zoning
Web McComber
Burnett County Zoning
Jim Flannigan
Barron County Zoning
Douglas County Zoning
Steve Rannenberg


WL - barThere are several ways to finance your new home, addition or remodeling project. You can use savings, liquidate investments, borrow against retirement funds, or use one of the many options available with a full service bank. Some banks can be difficult to work with and restrictive when it comes to out of town construction, vacation property and crossing interstate commerce lines.

You are certainly welcome to work with the financial institution of your choosing. Many of our clients ask us for a recommendation with regards to a local banks and or Mortgage brokers, we are happy to recommend people who our customers have said are great to work with.


One of the first things that you will need to do is find a plat map of your property. It is a drawing that shows all lot lines with bearing and distance, sometimes it will include existing buildings and other pertinent information that is needed for permit application. You probably got a copy of a Certified Survey Map or CSM in your closing documents when you closed on your property. You will want to locate that document since we’ll need a copy of it to produce the necessary drawings for your permit.

If you can’t find this document you may want to have one created by a certified surveyor. You are welcome to use whoever you like to perform this service. Many people ask who we normally use for surveying. Wagner Surveying in downtown Webster, does much of the Burnett County survey work, has the most recent technology and in our experience does a very thorough and timely job. You can speak to Mark Krause who is very knowledgeable and may already have what you’re looking for on file. You can reach him at 715-866-4295.