Introducing the Tice Construction Team. We feel very fortunate to have attracted such a great group of individuals to our company. Our field crews and staff are experienced, well educated, courteous and understand the company’s commitment to developing, not just satisfied customers but raving fans.

We provide many benefits other construction companies don’t which, allows us to attract excellent people. We benefit from the consistency of an almost non-existent employee turnover and we select our people as much for their “can do” attitude, sense of humor, and congeniality, as we do for their personal skill and experience.

Our company culture promotes professionalism, ongoing education and self-development. We enjoy a substantial market share because of a reputation for quality work, competitive pricing and fair business practices.

If you’d like to learn more about the people who make up our management staff, read on.

Craig Tice


Craig grew up in White Bear Lake, MN and after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Operations Management from the University St. Thomas, he studied Architectural Drafting & Design and Estimating at Dunwoody College of Technology. Following a three-year stint with a custom builder in Stillwater, Craig started Tice Construction Inc. in 1991 which specializes in Vacation Homes in Nothwestern Wisconsin. Craig has since acquired and grown both Tice-Hause Design Build specializing in custom homes and remodeling in the St Croix Valley area and J.G. Hause Construction, which services the entire metro area with residential and commercial/multi-unit exteriors. Tice received the Big50 Award from Remodeling Magazine in 2002. A uniquely meaningful honor based on the recognition of industry owner/peers as one of the 50 best run companies in the nation. In addition to his leadership role within his own company, Craig has become an active steward of several industry organizations including the National Remodeling Leadership Council, National Association of Home Builders, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Northland Area Builders Association, and the Wisconsin Builders Association. Craig’s continuous pursuit of excellence has created success for all three of his companies, their staff and clients. And when he isn’t patiently building others up, he’s sailing on Lake superior with family and friends.

Scott Tice

General Manager/Sales

Scott joined up with Craig in the summer of 1997. Since then he has worn just about every hat we have in the company. For several of those years Scott was in charge of the residential building and remodeling production including multi-unit builds in Northwestern Wisconsin. In his role as General Manager, Scott helped develop the systems we use to deliver your project successfully. Scott also helped develop Tice Construction’s Standards of Operating Procedures Manual which contributes in many ways to the smooth running of not only the company, but your project as well. Sales, drafting, and estimating round out his role in the company. Scott’s ability to carefully listen and incorporate your concepts into a design that is architecturally pleasing and affordable is an experience you will enjoy as you move toward the production of your project.

Tom Buchman

Production Manager

We are quite certain you will enjoy working with Tom. Tom’s 30-year history in the residential/remodel business in the Stillwater area, coupled with his attention to detail, bring to the table the kind of eye you want on your project. Tom’s ability to quickly discern any challenges that may arise in the project and keep things moving forward is truly a gift. Tom will also deliver to you weekly updates and photos to help you feel at ease with the status of your project. Tom recently joined Tice Construction but his many talents blended with his wonderful sense of what he thinks humor is, has Tom comfortably at home here at Tice Construction.



Greg Voegele

Product Manager/Estimator

Greg is our most recent and welcomed addition to the Tice Construction staff. His golf drive alone was enough to get him a place on the company league team, but we quickly found out Greg’s well goes much deeper. Greg’s kaleidoscope of industry talents and experience will help you visualize and then organize your project to perfection. When it comes to working out details and selecting items that will make your project impressive, Greg is the guy you want at the table. Greg’s drafting degree combined with 35+ years of contracting sales will give you confidence that his suggestions are backed by years of “seeing it all.” His vast estimating experience will ensure costs are being watched, while his extensive product knowledge and ability to source items will keep you right on top of what’s new and exciting.

JoAnne Tice

Office Manager/Accounting

JoAnne is the friendly voice on the other end of the line when you call the Tice Construction office. If you have any questions during your project and are not sure who to call, start with JoAnne and she will get you there. JoAnne has a career history of office management and has been doing the bookkeeping and managing our office since 1997. Her diligence, attention to detail, and good humor make the day move perfectly here at Tice Construction.





Julia Tice

Director Of Marketing

How do you find a marketing director you can trust? You marry her. Julia has been helping small businesses shine for more than twenty-five years. She did her degree work in marketing at Condordia University in St. Paul, where she earned Summa Cum Laude. She also has her social media master certification from Splash Media U. Julia has done a lot of great pro-bono work for her favorite causes over the years. She began her media career as an Account Manager at WLTE FM and while she was a top sales performer there, the creative process was what really lit her up, so she started Lighthouse Marketing Media which is a local company based in Stillwater with many recognizable companies in her resume of clients over the years. From strategy to brand identity to splashy social media and digital marketing campaigns Julia has marketing in her DNA and when you couple that with business ownership, you pretty much reach superhero status. She’s also a doting mom and animal saver, so sainthood is probably next.