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Space Saving Tips for Holiday Entertaining

Space saving tips on holiday entertaining in your home

One of the best aspects of the holiday season is spending that extra time with family and friends.  Things can get chaotic and overwhelming, what with shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking and so on.  The reward is the cherished time with loved ones.  However, if you have a small living space this can add to the stress of the holidays.  Tice-Hause Design Build has a few tips that will help utilize living space while enjoying the company of loved ones.  With a little attention to details and a few spare minutes of planning you'll be hosting a great party for all to remember.

Organization is imperative to a successful party regardless of the size of the party space. Organization is even more crucial for those who are hosting in a smaller, confined space.  You want to plan ahead and have everything where it needs to be before the actual party date.  Clean and declutter as much space as possible. Put away small unneeded things, this could be furniture or knick knacks.  By doing this you give the party space more “air to breath. The space will feel less closed in, and your guests will not feel claustrophobic.

Put away throw pillows, magazines, or remotes in the living room.  In the bathroom, put away all toiletries except for hand soap. Store away any appliances that may not be used during the party.   Your guests don’t need to know your linen closet is stocked full of free-standing mixers, or coffee makers.  If children are attending the party, designate one area as the play or toy area.  Put other toys  in their designated places so the mess is contained in one space.

You need to also consider the arrangement of your furniture. Of course, you need furniture for your guests to sit on, or tables to eat at, but any other unneeded side tables, or children’s furniture does nothing but back up the party traffic for your guests.  If you have a sectional sofa consider the best arrangement to foster good comfortable conversations for your guests. Moving bigger furniture to the perimeter of the room can really make a small space feel much larger than it actually is.

If you have guests from out of town and you are having a hard time figuring out a comfortable space for them to sleep, then you must realize that everyone may not have their own room, or private space to sleep in.  If this is an issue for your guests, give them the number to the nearest hotel, however, if they are willing to get cozy, couches, children’s beds, and air mattresses are all great options.  Note that a new and improved rearrangement of your furniture will make it easy to figure out where guests can stay.

Something to consider, is adults’ proximity to a bathroom, and putting all children together so that adults have a bit more privacy.  Another suggestion, is investing in convertible furniture so that you are prepared whenever this situation occurs.  There are many comfortable and functional pieces out there that will not break the bank.

It can be a challenge to use smaller spaces in smarter ways, but that is the goal when trying to entertain in a more confined space.  A few more suggestions are, one lighting.  More lighting makes a space feel more open.  Two, utilize all your counter space.  Place appetizers vertically on tiered trays to use all the space that is available.  Leave beverages outside in coolers, or metal washtubs for a nice aesthetic feel.  Keep table decorations to a minimum and try to keep your color scheme light so again you have a lighter airy feel.

Ultimately, no one is as concerned about the space as the host is.  Just remember to plan, organize and work on the small details, and then sit back and enjoy the time you have created for all your friends and family to be together.  Happy Holidays to you and yours from Tice-Hause Design Build.



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